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Revitalizing The Nest: Marketing Interior Design to Empty Nesters

Transforming Nests

Once the kids move out, parents have a unique opportunity to reclaim their lives as couples and individuals. It can be a time of extraordinary freedom with a sense of great opportunity. Interior designers can help empty nesters to revitalize their homes in order to facilitate their new lifestyle and possibilities.

Interior Design Ideas to Pitch to Empty Nesters

Having lived so long in kid-friendly homes, many empty nesters can’t think beyond their original usage of space. Thus, interior designers can educate them on how to repurpose rooms to fit their current situation. Here are a few ideas to pitch to empty nesters:

1. Game Room / Home Theater

Suggest a game room or a home theater space where they can have friends over for game day or instead cuddle up for a Netflix series.

2. Guest Room

Out with the kids’ motifs, they can introduce upscale furnishings to their guest room and host with style.

3. Home Gym

A home gym is a great idea for empty nesters. Make space to accommodate basic gym equipment with large mirrors lining the walls. This way, they do not have to leave home to get some exercise which is especially ideal for colder climates.

4. Home Office

Convert a spare room into a classy home office, with plenty of file cabinets and storage space.

5. Arts and Crafts Studio

An arts studio within the home can be an amazing way to relax. With no more worries about kids and time management, empty nesters are left with a lot of time and space to spend on their hobbies.

6. Personal Wellness Space

Creating a nook for personal wellness can be a great addition to the house for empty nesters. Suggest a calm and relaxing room makeover to accommodate space for yoga or meditation. If they are in the spirit of it, suggest simplistic Zen decor and products that promote deep relaxation. They might even appreciate a massage table to exchange with each other or for a pro to pay a home visit.

7. Classroom Space

If they have a skill that they have mastered over the years, such as knitting, coding, playing a musical instrument, ballet, or origami, you could suggest a mini classroom space for them to teach these skills to those interested. Don’t think educational institution, rather think dedicated sharing space.

8. Airbnb Rental

Convert one room into a guest room and let it out as an Airbnb. This is a great way to meet people from all over the world without having to leave the comfort of their homes. To top it, the ‘nest’ would not seem very empty, and it can bring in some extra income.

9. Backyard Entertainment Space

Now that the kids aren’t home, they could entertain more often, inviting friends and families for dinner. You could suggest taking down the giant trampoline and opening up their patio or backyard to accommodate outdoor dining, barbecue, an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit.

10. Downsizing

If the family home seems too large for empty nesters, suggest the idea of moving into a luxurious condo or townhome with resort-style amenities, conveniences, security, and social avenues at their fingertips. Downsizing can come with a lot of financial savings. It also means that life becomes more stress free with not having to bother with some of the communal maintenance and upkeep including roof repairs, gardening, slow removal, etc.

11. Light Colored Walls

You can suggest a fresh coat of paint and include lighter colors that brighten the space, without having to worry about the wear and tear of having kids around.

12. Walk-in Wardrobes/ Luxury Bathrooms

Convert a room into a massive walk-in closet, or a massive luxury bathroom. They exude a sense of luxury and comfort that empty nesters have sacrificed for far too long.

Marketing to Empty Nesters

To find empty nester clients, you have to hang out where they hang out, both physically and virtually, so you have a higher chance of bumping into them. Keep in mind that empty nesters are usually in their mid 50s or above.

1. Choose the Right Digital Platform

If you do digital marketing via social media, Facebook is where the majority of empty nesters spend their social time. Even though much of your design world is on Instagram, this likely isn’t as much the case with your empty nester clients. For follow ups, make it a point to call instead of text unless your clients have specified otherwise. Seniors often prefer personalized communication over automated digital ones.

2. Use Traditional Marketing

In addition to digital channels, also use traditional marketing methods like post/snail mail. While most people have emails, many senior people prefer to read a magazine or paper letter, rather than scrolling through the internet. So invest in creating postcards and printed newsletters that are pretty to look at and nice to hold.

3. Hang Out Where They Do

With more time on their hands, empty nesters involve themselves in local community groups and clubs for volunteering or for leisure. Frequent or join local sports clubs, book clubs, and local community centers. You could also involve yourself with non-profits because senior citizens often give back to the community after they have retired.  


The empty nester segment has many opportunities for interior designers. Redesigning, redecorating, and rejuvenating a space with your design skills can give empty nesters a boost of new energy. 

Have you (re)designed any empty nests in your career? Do you have any other marketing ideas that you can pitch to empty nesters? Let us know in the comments below.

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